30. august 2010

more profitable than n+1 internship?

robert jordan - lord of chaos [audio renaissance]

hi, i'm the executive producer of an audio/.mp3 version of my poetry book 'alle forteller meg hvor bra jeg er i tilfelle jeg blir det' ('everyone tells me how great i am in case i turn out to be')* published in 2009 by flamme forlag. the audiobook will, to some extent, 'accompany'/'celebrate' the 2nd/paperback edition which is due in september 2010.

do any of you want to read/record the [audio]book?
do any of you want internship?
do any of you have garageband/cubase/pro tools installed on your computer?
do any of you have shure sm58/condenser mic [via akg/neumann/sennheiser/røde]?
are you ~21 y/o female?

apply via emailing 'cv'/[whatever] to audun.mortensen[at]gmail.com
education/relevant experience re audiobook production is not required.
thank you for your consideration.

robert jordan - crossroads of twilight [audio renaissance]

*181 pages, 107 poems, 2583 paragraphs, 3941 lines, 15997 words, 76934 characters